Ka’ahele’s Run with a View Training!

Saturday:  Top of Ka'ahele Drive.   Meet at 6:45AM.   Please be quiet as we are in a residental neighborhood until we hit the trail.

Run with a View is the next of the HURT Trail Runs.  It is held at Ka'ahele which is at the top of the New Town section.    It is truly a run with a view, and offers some of the best views of Pearl Harbor around.  It is also on the edges of the battles that were fought by the Hawaiians across the Ewa Plain to Aiea.

This is a great running trail and offers a lot of varied running conditions.  It starts up a long hard dirt road and then shifts onto a great single track trail that finally leads down into a steep valley.   Then it's up the other side and up the ridge toward the top of the loop.  The trail reverts to a hard dirt track and then back to a single track.  Near the top one can look far back into the Koo'lau hills that lay at the center of the island.  Koa, Ohia, ferns.. it is easy to lose oneself in the pristine wilderness and see back through the centuries of Oahu's history.

Nice place up there, great run for the fast.  And the down hill is long one, with steep sections and long sloping wide trails.     

One caution.  It is a bit overgrown up there right now.  Wear some clothes that can take the stag horn fern.   Long pants for the sensitive and trail breakers.  

We will be up there next week cutting and you are invited to that too.  

Aloha,  Mikem