Saturday Training December 8, 2012: HURT Loop (s) & Marathon

Aloha Athletes,

OK, if you are entered into the HURT 100 this year, as of today (Wednesday), you have 44 days left before race day. That means you should have some good long training days in the bank already and a few more scheduled. Some look at total miles or trying to get in 30-40 mile training runs. Those are good. So are doing back to back long days, say like 30 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday. Keep in mind, unless you are a top ultra runner, time on your feet is important and for most people you are looking at 30+ hours on your feet come January race day. 

The plan this weekend is more time out on the HURT course starting at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday. Again, if you are new to this site and want to join in, feel free to just do as little or as much as you want out on the trails with us. We realize not everyone is entered into a 100 mile run. 

This weekend is also the Honolulu Marathon and I am sure some of you are already planning some creative way to add that into your training plans. I know in the past some have done a double marathon, others have done a HURT loop either before or after the marathon. 

Dan Wilson is visiting and arrives mid-day on Thursday. He is running the marathon and is entered into HURT this year. He is looking to get out on the HURT course–maybe even Thursday when he arrives. If you can do that, I am sure he would appreciate the company. You can contact Dan at dwilson3210 at yahoo dot com.

Place your plans in the Comments below.

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

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  1. I have a spare marathon bib available. If anyone wants to get up at 0230 Sunday morning for a leisurely jog through downtown Honolulu drop me an email at seanprice at gmail dot com.

  2. This was shared by a friend on mine on her FB wall just a few hours ago…
    Just as applicable to runners as cyclists and many of my friends do both on Tantalus. If there are nuts running around on the road up there then there’s nothing preventing them from wandering onto the trails where there much less likely be seen by others. Safety in numbers.
    Tantalus Cyclists Beware! This was emailed to me from a friend who received the warning from the Red Hot Ladies Biking Club:
    “A man attacked a friend of mine while she was biking Tantalus, knocked her off her bike, was choking her, had a knife and a man saw it happening and started yelling. The attacker ran, the cops caught him and, as of now, he is in jail.. Don’t know for how long. She was alone when biking. Don’t know if this is the same guy that stabbed a male cyclist about 2 months ago, but I would be cautious about biking alone there. This is the 2nd attack on Tantalus in 2 months. I thought this worth passing forward to all my athletic friends.”

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