60.. or someting li’dat…. Birthday Run for the run of it.

On Friday November 9, health permitting, I, Mikem, will be heading out on another birthday run. Last year I let the Peacock 100K function the dual purpose of race and birthday run. This year’s Tsunami edition limits my ability to revisit that artifice, and I find myself forced to actually run a birthday run, which is, to my reckoning beyond 100K yet not quite 100M. (I went lost count and I no going start over!)

This run, as with many of my past runs will have a charity component. I have chosen to remember a long time friend and participant in our group, Pete Martinez, and to make a donation to a Suicide Prevention program in his memory. It is not particularly easy to find a specific local charity that directly serves this issue and does online donations, but there are a few national charities that support local activity and direct funds into numerous needy areas such as Veteran's hotlines. I’ve chosen one that I believe attempts to reach people within the broad parameters of the HURT group demographic and also appears to limit fund raising activity and administration in favor of a more low-key ‘funds to the purpose approach. I've provided an alternative site as well. Please don't feel restricted if you find another you
feel more comfortable donating to.

For years. Pete Martinez was co-director of the Mango Madness Trail Series run. He was also famous for his impromptu contributions of multiple large pizzas during other organized ultra events and long training runs. Pete was often at aid stations quietly helping out or somewhere out on the trails offering direction at critical points. Whether it was a trail series run, a major ultra event, or just a long training run he was always willing to turn up and give a helping hand. Bob did a nice memorial page to Pete just after his passing.

( https://hurthawaii.com/2012/06/a-sad-farewell-pizza-pete-martinez-you-will-be-missed.html )

Suffice it say he and I spent a lot of time together, on the trails, and off, for quite a few years and many beers. I think of him often and wonder without finding much resolution.

To be honest, Pete and I hadn’t talked much for some time before his passing, and I had simply put it down to the fact that it’s very hard for two irascible grumpy guys to maintain a friendship. It wasn’t until his unfortunate death that I realized that the symptoms of his problem were deep, long term, likely treatable, and that he endured more than just a limited patience with drama and stupidity. That a man is wind surfing and exercising one day and suddenly dead by his own hand the next is numbingly perplexing to his friends and family. That he did what he did will always be a difficult conundrum for those who knew him well. But unfortunately, we live in a world where each of us is becoming more, not less, likely to endure this situation among close friends. Yet we seem no better able to face the issue, or prevent it, or deal with its potential, than those of generations before us. But at least we no longer put the blame on the victim and now admit that the tragedy is a societal one.

It seems obvious that the availability of experts who understand this mental crisis and who can offer effective help is of great necessity. The loss we suffer as a society when a healthy individual commits suicide is particularly significant, both emotionally and productively. Perhaps if a helping hand had had a chance to reach Pete he would would still be around, operating his business, helping others, and running in the evenings and going wind surfing every time there is a big wind. In any case, a donation to a charity that deals with this terrible problem could help someone else. Also, as we are all aware, this is a problem that is effecting a disproportionately large number of our service and returned/discharged/retired service personnel, a group that has a large representation in HURT. I’d like to think that a donation to this cause in Pete’s memory could help someone else avoid this terrible fate, perhaps someone one of us knows. I'm sure Pete would appreciate the thought.

I’ll be contributing one dollar a mile, plus I’ll add an additional $25 dollars for anyone (up to $100) that runs with me from start to finish. I also welcome and encourage contributions in Pete’s memory from others in the HURT group. Contribution information screens are noted here:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

National Hopeline:


Or you may give me cash, which I would prefer you didn’t, but, if there are any cash donations I will lump into one single donation from 'HURT Runners'.

Or if you know a more effective local charity please donate to it. There won't be any tally of contributions or other promotion. The goal is simply to donate to organizations that are actively involved in treating this problem.

As it is I feel I've said just about all Pete would or could tolerate. Mahalo.

That said, here is the Plan:

The terms: This is a non sponsored, non support, no application, no entry fee, non award, non timed, no rules, fully individually assumed risk, extreme courtesy to hikers, generally rogue run. I will stock some water and minimal nutrition at key spots. The plan is to get water and supplies from stores along the route. Each runner is responsible for their own needs and safety.(We help each other, and no body gets left in the lurch but it's just like one training run; bail by bus or call home.) Reflective gear and lights are highly recommended for the night run road/trail sections as there is no or little moon. Run whatever you want, however you want. Suffer as much or as little as your desire, it's your decision, your risk and your responsibility. The unfortunate/wonderfully painful aspect of being in the game at this age is that I will be out there for almost a full day. It will be great training, and a wonderful mixture of roads and trails, for both HM and HURT prep.

The Intended Route:

A HURT Night Loop, Trail, (20,20), 6:00PM Start

East Side (Kalanianeole)Loop with Makapu’u Light repeats, Road, (15,35), 1:00AM

Makapu'u to Waimanalo Demonstration Trail, Road, (3,38), 6:00AM

Waimanalo Ditch Trail,l O/B,Trail, (3,42),8:00AM

Old Government Road/Olomana Farm Road, O/B, Trail, (5,47), 10:00AM

Maunawili Demonstration Trail, Return, Trail, (8,55), 12:00 PM

Old Pali Road to Jackass, Road, (3,58), 3:00PM

Jackass to Nature Center via Kalawahine, Trail, (5,60+… whatevah), 5:00PM

………or some ting li'dat…what evahs brah…..We just run for the run and be happy with that.