Saturday Training: Hunting Expedition 10-27-12

Aloha Athletes,

238_14016637212_3968_nSomething different this weekend. We are planning a hunting expedition up at Peacock Flats. Guaranteed large game sightings.

Gordon has sanctioned this event and will be providing guidance and any last minutes supplies.

Being the smart hunter he is, Gordan has delegated most of the details to people like Rob, Larry, Cheryl, Joel and Steph and probably many others.

These game will mostly be two legged, however late in the day and evening, some may be reduced to all four crawling type positions.
Runner-crawling-to-finish-lineIt's the nature of the beast. It is during these times, if you listen closely, you will surely here the animals crying and whimpering. 

If you are participating in this hunt, there is suggested apparel:  hunters or dayglo orance outfits. At minimum a hat like this works:  

MXM2z4yqdHOvtlzwv034oVQThe key thing to remember: Don't approach these large game. Though some may seem friendly and peaceful, they can turn on you in an instant. They are best observed from a distance unless you are truly up for the hunt.

Robert will packing his big guns and shooting pixels of all the game he can see. Watch out for him as he sneaks up on the game and shoots them in their native running element. 

Don't forget to show up at Runner's HI on Friday to get your hunting license and other last minute details. This starts at 6:00 p.m. (and hopefully ends soon after that!).

Hunter check-in is at 5:30 a.m. bright and early the next morning.

Just to be clear, this hunting event is sold out and no, you can not show up Saturday morning and enter. You will have to wait until 2013 to enter.

Official info can also be found here

Aloha, Bob