Saturday Training 10-20-12 Lanipo Hike

Aloha Athletes,

For a change of pace and by popular demand, we are going to do a hike on the Lanipo Trail led by Gordon this week.

Meet at the trail head at 6:45 a.m. Please allow enough time to drive to the trail head as it is at the top Wilhelmina Rise. Essentially drive all the way up Sierra Drive and then get on Maunalani Circle and look for us and the trail head. If you don't know where this is, use Google Maps for Maunalani Circle. You might want to carpool

Remember we are parking in a neighborhood, so please be quiet and park carefully. The trail is only about 4-miles each direction but the elevation gain is 1600 feet (per my trail guide book) and it is marked as a strenuous hike. 

Bring plenty of water, trail snacks, and you might want long pants depending on how sensitive your legs are to trail brush and mud. 

Also just as reminder, get those recipe's into Marian as the dealine to enter them in the  HURT cookbook is 10/31.

Aloha, Bob