Calling all Cooks – Recipe submissions for H.U.R.T. Cookbook

HURT ohana!  Do you have a favorite
recipe? Do you make one or two dishes
that receive rave reviews every time you take them to a potluck? If so, then please consider contributing them
to the very first H.U.R.T. cookbook.

and I are finally going to put together a cookbook with some of our recipes and
would like to ask everyone to pitch
in with their most ono recipes for food, drink, snacks, whateva. 

process to submit is easy. Just send me
an email (mnyasuda@hawaiiDOTrrDOTcom) to let me know that you would like to
submit. I will email the instructions
and link to the site where you may submit the recipes. There is a limit of 5 recipes per
person.  We are asking that all recipes
be submitted  by October31. Thank you so much for helping! 

Aloha, Marian