UPDATED: Saturday, June 16, 2012 Trail Maintenance Day (UPDATED START TIME & LOCATION: SEE COMMENTS BELOW)

Aloha HURT Ohana!

IMG_0716Saturday, June 16 will be an opportunity for us to assist Na Ala Hele with the maintenence of the Maunawili trail and also prepare the trail for hoards of people wanting to Run With the Pigs!  Na Ala Hele has generously agreed to work with us to make this work day happen. 

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Gloves
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Tools such as; weedwhackers, hedge trimmers, machetes

The plan is to meet at the Maunawili trailhead at 10 am in Waimanalo.  We will load into State Vehicle(s) and be driven a couple of miles up the jeep road access (making the hike significantly shorter for access to the middle section). 

If you are interested in helping out, please respond with a comment or email me at mnyasuda at hawaii dot rr dot com.  Indicate in your response the number of people and any tools that you might be able to provide.  If you are needing certification of trail work for a planned trail race, I will facilitate that certification.  Just provide your necessary form to me on the day of service and I will get it signed.

Questions: Please post in comments below. 

For those of you looking to run this weekend. On Sunday, the Soul Runners group (see on Facebook) is planning to run the newly cleaned trail. 

Aloha, Marian


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  1. Aloha Marian, See you guys on Saturday! I will bring whatever yard tools I can find around my house. Clem

  2. UPDATE for the trail work:
    We will gather at the Maunawili Falls Trailhead at 10:30 and meet Chelsea, from DLNR. She will drive us up a bit with 4 weed whackers (their 2 and our 2), rakes, gasoline, and string and we will work our way toward Waimanalo. Again, personal tools are welcome!
    Directions to trailhead: – From Honolulu on Pali Highway to Maunawili Valley (third traffic light after tunnels), turn right on Auloa Road, left fork onto Maunawili Road. Go approx 2 miles to end of public road, park on Kelewina Street. Walk on Maunawili Road (private section) approx 1/2 city block to trail head sign on right.
    Thanks! Marian

  3. I’ve got a lopper, a machete, and a 6 year old daughter. She’s been dying for me to take her out on the trails.

  4. Long sleeve work shirts are recommended.
    Long work pants would help.
    Heavy Gloves are a must-leather the best.
    We will be needing hand clippers. We will be clearing away a lot of fern, and it can be nasty stuff.
    Think about water and nutrition.
    Safety glasses
    band aides and other personal first aid supplies.
    Please understand that there will be power equipment on the trails as we clear. We will be cutting, pulling, and dragging brush along the trails as we clear.
    Finally, these trails are often steep and dangerous in the best of conditions and at the moment they are quite difficult. Please exercise due caution and care.

  5. I was commenting to John last week that there were maybe only 20 people AT the race who had run five years ago. That’s a lot of new people who are getting into trail running.
    This Saturday I think I saw half those twenty people out on the Maunawili trail working their asses off to make the next race possible. To be sure there were some people out who are newer to the TEAM, and we are most thankful for that. Where were the rest of you??
    The bottom line is that we make these races affordable on the assumption that you can come out occasionally and do some volunteer work. This weekend we could have used 20 more people out there. 175 runners one week and fewer than 25 can make it out to clear trails the next?? Maybe many of these 175 are in the wrong sport. The Sunday street runs might be more appropriate. Each person needs to think about that the next time a volunteer opportunity arises and is passed up. Its not a right to run the trails…it is a privilege.
    Ultra Running is not a Free Rider Sport. The trails need to be cleared and the money is not there to pay for the needed work. Volunteers are often what makes these races doable. If you have been out on Maunawili in the past month, and go out now, you will understand. We could not have had a race on that trail. Now we can. Though, frankly there are another few days work left out there.
    Thank you to everyone who did come out. You know what you have done.

  6. Awesome job by my trailbusting buddies Mikey and Freddy at Maunawili yesterday.They humped the weedwhackers, fuel and their packs five plus miles in and did an excellant job on the trail in sweltering heat. Mahalo to you and everyone else who volunteered their time on Maunawili trail!

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