2011 Peacock 100k Photos by Robert P Smith

Finished!  All photos I felt were worth processing and posting have been.  It was actually quicker and much more enjoyable to pace Loop 2 than it was to do all this post event processing but that’s all part of capturing and preserving the memories in the best possible way.  The views and scenery at Peacock are so much more spectacular than the dense, dark forests of the HURT100 course that it’s going to be even harder to capture such great images and spend the hours processing them but that’s another day.

Rather than upload my photos to a site where they are plastered with an obnoxious watermark covering the whole image, where downloading is disabled and charging for copies I prefer to make them available for you to share on Facebook and via Flickr and the HURT blog (eventually).  I am more than happy to accept donations though if any of you would like soft copies of your image(s).  I’ve already made a considerable investment in equipment and with as good as you may think these are they could get even better if I were able to upgrade to even better equipment.  I’m not trying to make a bunch of money here just recoup some that I’ve invested and save up to make things even better.  Just to give you an idea the setup that I’d prefer to be carrying for events like this could easily run $4,000 and beyond.  Do I expect to make that off of HURT photos alone, no, definitely not, unless one or more of you is exceptionally wealthy and has the desire to make an exceptional donation or two.  On the other hand, every little bit helps and will go into an account set aside strictly for that purpose.  Each of you are in a different place financially and some of you are potentially strapped just as tight as I am right now being between jobs so that’s why I choose to share the photos as I do so that no one is left out due to financial constraints.  Ok, more than enough on that topic. 

My sincere desire is that you all enjoy the photos at least as much as I enjoy taking them for you, which is quite a bit.  : )  Thank you for that opportunity and I truly appreciate every “Thank You” and compliment I get for doing so.

Robert P Smith


PO Box 700670

Kapolei, HI 96709