Saturday morning North Shore option…

There will be a small group of runners that will be doing something very unusual (for HURT runners) this Saturday morning.  We’ll be doing something called a “taper” run.  That’s pronounced, táy-pər, and it means to reduce gradually.  I know it sounds like a crazy idea NOT to go out and run beyond the point of exhaustion.  I mean, how could you possibly benefit from that?  Certainly we all know that upon completion of a training run, if you can walk without a limp, you certainly didn’t run hard enough or far enough.  The theory is that by doing this silly “taper” thing, one’s body might actually have the opportunity to recover from the months of abuse, and over training.  Who thinks of this stuff??  Yea, I know, it sounds ridiculous, huh?  How could any of us possibly need recovery?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve still got a few toe nails…and one of my knees feels fine…and even one of my hips feels OK sometimes…so I really doubt that I need any recovery…buy anyway, a few of us thought we’d try out this crazy “taper” theory and do a taper run Saturday morning.  We’ll be meeting at the Sunset Beach Elementary School parking lot at 6:30 AM, Saturday.  We'll be running on the awesome top secret trails above the North Shore surf breaks.  We’ll go for two or three hours…or so.  That’s barely even a warm up compared to a Lolo Loop. Any question, just leave a comment here.  C U there.

–Steve V.


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