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MUTT Productions Presents: tHe mAuI cOAstaL rELAy

Now that PEACOCK is over with, time to start serious HURT training and here is a neighbor island adventure because you will get sick of running the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. 

MAUI. ULTRA .TRAIL. TEAM .that is  Comprising oF JEFF Sanders . and PAUL HOPI.   Its going to be a low key trainning /sightseeing  tour  

WHEN !   Event  is friday the 18th nov THROUGH  sun 20th nov.    

WHAT ! - a 160mile  team adventure /event  to circumnavigate the entire island of MAUI, including the Kings trail, a fifteen mile section of remote rugged coastline starting at Lapereuse.              

HOW!     Starting at Kanaha bch park and heading to beach road we will then run the back side to kapalua and on to Kam 1 where day one finishes rotating a runner every hour. This was run last year and was a lot of fun ,think adventure not race! .Day two  starts at Kam 1 where we left off aaaaaaaaaahhhh! No this was easy folks we were excited to see the kings Trail and day two was a blast. More of a fast paced hike/jog than running as terrain permitted. GOATS were spotted  in abundance .We finish up at seven pools and camp the night.

MORE FUN!!     Day three and the homeward leg takes us HANA RELAYS in reverse and a little extra  , seeing as though we start at 7 pools.   Last year was five hrs of running each on a two person team broke up of course hour by hour. So if you do the math on say  a four person team   you will be running  just over two 10ks a day or equal to one half marathon,totaly fun and totaly doable without any ultra DNA  in your legs . .SO  Lets get out there and run !.  More details will be provided to intrested partys such as start times ,safety issues ,more detailed logistics ect. by contacting   Paul Hopi  via email   pablohopwood @yahoo.com