So Guess Where, Guess What. You’ll never Guess, Really you won’t, Honest.

Somewhere around 6:30 to 7:00AM at the airfield.  5:00AM at Long Road.  If you are doing the full loop do a stash at long road.  Bring water, nutrition and essentials for yourself for a full loop.  Don't be cute and go it alone unless you know where you are going, or think a marker on the side of the trail with your name on it is cool.  Do we need to make this any clearer??

I was talkin with Peacocks the other day bout all the crap going on with this postin BS.  The trail
just shook its head and laid it out like this.

You know Peacocks is just a month a way.  Are you should feeling like there is nowhere to run

You just got to get ready

dont get all Dazed and Confused

You got to understand.  I know Gordon he is a friend of mine, but he is still an Outlaw and he will make you pay.

In the end all this peacock map shit is just crap.  Here is the Real Truth about how you will be running Peacocks

Unfortunately is just not a need for speed.

The truth is that this ain’t no race course its just a

Gordon, the master, will turn back the clock, and just put you out there leaving you wishin you was

From the beginning to the end you are going to between a rock and hard place and you’ll just have to bang on..

So eat yer vegetables.

Drink yer energy drinks

and when things get really tough just don’t FreaQ OUT!??

and remember that at the bottom of the Long Road it just got to be a long way to top!

There ain’t no easy way, no  straight stairway, and things will begin to get weird….
and you know you just have to go faster
You will have to run like you got  ants in yer pants
But when you are out there on the cross over late at night, even if you just have to walk
because you are just about there you may even feel like you are
Hey my friends……nobody promises it’s gonna end inspirationally.