2012 HURT Entrant List and Wait List

Aloha Runners,

Confirmed Entrants:

Congratulations to the 2012 HURT 100 Entrants we hope that you are excited about being selected for the event. We had over 230 applicant for the 125 slots, and the kukui nut lottery went without a hitch (despite some dissapointments). As time goes on the entrant list will be updated, however, for those who want to see who they will be running against we advise you to go to Ultrasignup and check out the performances of your competitors in past races.

If you are in the event and failed to order dinner tickets, you can still do so be contacting John at john@j-bmarketing.com, the earlier the better as we had a sizeable pre order already. There will be no refunds on dinner tickets after 12/31/2011.

The main race information source will be found at HURT and via direct e mail, so please make sure we have an updated e mail at all times. It is imperative that you also read the Book of HURT 2012.

Wait-Listed Runners:

Thank you for your patience with the  Waitlist, we needed to assure all selected entrant's credit cards were processed properly.

As can be seen when viewing the wait list, the wait list lottery was discontinued after 50 runners were selected.The wait list is an ordered wait list, meaning runners will be selected in the order they appear on the waitlist.

For those on the wait list, you will be sent a registration link when a slot opens up. The e mail will be sent to the e mail address utilized when you originally regsitered. Please review the   Wait List Procedure.

The registration will be done in exactly the same manner as when your registered for the event as a lottery hopeful. You will also have the option at checkout to purchase dinner tickets, once again it is highly advised to do so since there will be very limited number for sale at the pre race brief. There will be no refunds on dinner tickets after 12/31/2011.

The wait list will be updated periodically at HURT. If for whatever reason you would like your name removed from the wait list please send an e mail to Jeff at jhuff@hawaii.rr.com.

All Runners:

Please note that all future updates will only be posted to the hurt100trailrace blog, and not to the hurthawaii blog.

The post race dinner will be on January 16, for those making travel plans you might want to consider leaving Hawaii on January 17.

The race directors and volunteers are eagerly awaiting your arrival in January. We are confident that we will be able to deliver a top notch experience (but the running is up to you) for you all. We will do our part, now you do yours. Get out there and run.

Warmest Aloha,

Jeff Huff

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  1. This Wait List is BULLSHIT. The selection committee should be ashamed of themselves. I am embarrassed by the lack of participation by so many who have been loyal HURT volunteers and supporters for many many years. I thought the whole point of the HURT100 was to enable Hawaii Runners to run a 100 miler. That is not what this years race is.

  2. Wow, pretty strong comments.
    We put in a lot of work to be called BS……..couple things Mike…….there is no “selection committee” the runners are chosen electronically randomly based on weighted variables. People who volunteer and help have a better chance to get in…….probably why you get in every year.
    Are you suggesting that we put in all Hawaii runners…75 or so and choose just 50 mainland and International runners from the 230 applicants? Half of the Hawaii runners have litlle or no race experience, but even a lot of those got in.
    If you would have come to the lottery, you would have seen how we helped Hawaii runners get in.
    We think we are as fair as possible and surely feel bad about the 100 that didn’t make it. As I’m sure Western States feels bad about the 900 that don’t get in.
    Call me if you have a better idea that we can consider for next year or if you want to drop to make room for a wait list runner.
    Please don’t call PJ, Jeff & I BS until you know what you’re talking about!

  3. I didn’t call anyone BS. You got to learn to read. I respect the effort you put into the HURT. I don’t want your job. But even the Kahuna need to know the feelings of the village kanaka.
    What I said was the wait list is BS. And I’m afraid you are going to find that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Too many Hawaii runners are NOT on the Entrant List or the Wait List. I don’t give a damn why, the fact is they are not. A below 40 percent Hawaii participation is unacceptable. If you don’t realize that then you don’t know the Ohana’s feelings.
    What has happened is wrong, seriously wrong. That it was allowed to progress to this point is embarrassing and unacceptable. A lot of regular and core volunteers feel as I do. You got yourself a problem, you created it, you can deal with it.
    I posted my feelings publicly because I want this discussion to be open to everyone.

  4. We don’t want to weigh our problems in public….not really fair to our friends. Couple of things however……
    Would really like to see 2-3 names of consistent Hawaii volunteers that did not get into the race or wait list.
    We’re a family, and if you want out….it’s OK, we still love you.

  5. John, PJ, and Jeff,
    I think you guys are doing an incredible job with every aspect of HURT, including the lottery. Thanks for everything that you do for all of us! You guys are awesome!
    –Steve V.

  6. We all appreciate the efforts of John, Jeff, and PJ. Mike also has some valid points as well. We don’t want this to go the way of the Kona Ironman! Maybe a hybrid system might be appropriate, with a set number of slots (50-60) reserved for locals, and the rest picked randomly. The HURT isn’t the Western States; we do have a unique situation here in the middle of the Pacific and should be able to come up with a reasonable compromise. I don’t think the present system is all that bad, but as with every system, there is always room for some tweaking. Maybe someone else has some other good suggestions out there!
    By the way, Team Mango now puts on the Mango Monster Ironman as a way to give locals another opportunity to go the distance here in Hawaii!

  7. Andy, you made some excellent points. Thanks. After hearing Huddy didn’t make the wait list, I’ll admit being frustrated too. After all, it’s been said that the HURT 100 is primarily for Hawaii runners, since it’s the only one we have. According to John & Jeff, that was the main reason the race was started. Mike, John and Huffer are all my friends. They ALL want the HURT 100 to be the best that it can be !
    But, we have to face facts. The HURT 100 is a big-league 100 miler now, and we are having growing pains. I can be frustrated that Huddy didn’t make the wait list. Someone else can be frustrated that their buddy didn’t get in, and so on. Folks, the race will only get bigger…sorry…and this problem won’t go away on it’s on. John and Jeff are doing an excellent job of dealing with a this very important issue. I’m sure they welcome any and all suggestions.
    Mike, thank you for your unique way of stirring the pot. You brought up a subject that is near and dear to all of us in Hawaii. Hopefully everyone knows you meant nothing personal.

  8. Not to throw another log on the fire but can I possibly be the only one that noticed that almost every female applicant made the entrant list this year and the few that didn’t made the waitlist? Run the stats and tell me that’s by chance. It’s your race and you can spin kukui nuts however you like but I would recommend making the lottery system simple and transparent next year and there will be less angry people. You have the best race going, keep the aloha spirit and thank you for the efforts you put into it!

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