2012 HURT 100 Selection Show & Last Minute Registration Information


We have hammered out the details. There will be a HURT 100 Lottery Slection Show that goes live on 8/7/11 at 2 p.m. (HST) from the Huff house. Mark will have the kukui nuts loaded in the computer and ready for selection.

All entered runners and significant others are invited to this potluck event. Huff will provide, beer, soda, juice, water, teri and vege burgers and some sort of hot dog.

We are currently working with ESPN to simulcast the event on ESPN 2 opposite the Yankee / Red Sox game. Our thought is we can pull down a larger viewership than the game can, they think otherwise. Such fools!

What you need to do to attend:

1. Be registered for the HURT 100 at Ultrasignup or be a significant other for one who is registered. Kids always welcome, I have a small yard out back with a dog that loves to run.

2. Get to my place at 1 p.m. on 8/7/11, lottery starts at 2 p.m. My address is 1639 Ala Makani Place in Moanalua Valley. Need directions….. Google it.

3. Bring a salad or other dish to share.

4. Be a good sport, if you're not selected, no crying. There is no crying in Ultrarunning. Instead, offer to help with the safety patrol or at an aid station.

5. It may be worth your while to be at the lottery selection show. (Hint)

Things to remember when registering at Ultrasignup:

1. Please upload a picture file, we would like to see the real you or similar likeness.

2. Order your dinner tickets before checkout.

3. Use a credit card to check out. If using debit card those funds will be frozen during the pre authorization until the date of selection. Credit card will only be billed if selected. No credit card? Work with a friend to figure it out. The system is set up to not take cash.

4. Answer the questions. Most of the questions pertain to 100 mile finishes not credit for 100 km completed.

5. We can only select 125 runners. The slots are highly coveted, if you feel you cannot commit the time to train wait until next year and save the slot for someone who wants to run.

If you need any questions answered shoot me an e mail at jhuff@hawaii.rr.com.