Great Articles in Ultrarunning Magazine !

Aloha Athletes !

My new Ultrarunning Magazine (April 2011) came today and low-and-behold it was chocked full of all kinds of cool stuff about Hawaii ultrarunning and ultrarunners, complete with photos of three of my most favorite people in all the world…Cheryl Loomis, Paul Hopwood and Nick Kaiser. I may j ust have to cut these photos out and pin them on my wall !There was a great article about the 2011 HURT 100 written by super-nice-guy Gary Robbins, who not only is nice, he also currently owns the HURT 100 course record. This is a must read ! It also includes the race results from 2011. Nick was highlighted with a nice article he wrote about a fast-packing trip he took to Annapurna in the Himalaya. Another great article !   Don