Many, many Mahalos !

Aloha athletes !

From everything we've heard, the 2010 Peacock 54 was a success, and if that's true, the success was totally due to the volunteers and the runners. The volunteers were the best ! Although someone's name will be missed, and I apologize, let's start with Rob Lahoe…what can I say???…Rob, we couldn't have survived without you…and Ernest, you were everywhere, all the time…and everyone's dear friend Cheryl…and Kat, and Clem, and Doug Baker, and Fish, and James Baker, and Andy, and Vernon & Evie, and Julie Takishima…and of course, John and PJ…you were all just fantastic and oops… I almost missed Freddy who really helped at Long Road and kept us all in stitches. If you volunteered but your name didn't make the list, my apologies. We thank you.

If you were a runner, you know how tough this race was this year. A fitting farewell for the Peacock 54. Heart felt congratulations to all ! You ALL were great…whether you finished or not. I have to mention Kiley Momohara, who finished his first ultra…the Peacock 54 ! Wow ! The 2011 Peacock 100k will present an even bigger challenge. Gordon already has the wheels turning, putting together the additional course route needed to make this race one of the toughest 100k's on the planet. It will still have an 18 hour time limit. He asked me to mention that we will need LOTS of volunteers for the 100k ! It will remain part of the HURT Trail Series but will have a separate entry fee, more in keeping with other 100k races across the country.

Gordon…you are the best ! Everybody thanks you !