Vi & Peg’s Adventure Trek ~ Kualoa Ranch: October 10, 2010

Vi & Peg’s Adventure Trek ~ Kualoa Ranch

October 10, 2010

7:00 am
Registration ~ 8:00 am Race Start

An Adventure to raise awareness
about ALS

In honor
of local athlete Vi Jones-Medusky & local artist Peggy Chun

Honolulu, Hawaii 9/ 10/ 2010 : Join the
adventure in honor of Vi & Peg on a beautiful 3+ mile course
along jeep roads, cow pastures and stream crossings through lush
Kaaawa Valley. You can help raise awareness about ALS and call
attention to the need for more funding to find a cure for this
disease while trekking through sites where Jurassic Park,
Windtalkers, Lost and several other movies were filmed.

Vi Jones-Medusky has been
living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis since 2004. ALS
progressively destroys nerve cells controlling muscles, ultimately
paralysing voluntary movement. An accomplished athlete, Vi has
finished marathons in Honolulu, Boston, New York, Portland, Los
Angeles and Maui as well as five Ultra Marathons and three Ironman
Triathlons – Vi kept active for as long as possible: when she
could no longer run she biked, when she could no longer bike, she
swam. Now bedridden and requiring 24 hour care, Vi’s beautiful
smile and spirit is an inspiration to all.

Click here for application.

Hawaii artist Peggy Chun known for her
brilliant and whimsical watercolors of Island life succumbed to ALS
in 2008, 7 years after being diagnosed with the disease. When Peggy
could no longer paint with her hands, she held the paintbrush between
her teeth. When she was completely paralyzed, she used a computer
program that read her eyes, and when that failed, she signalled with
her eyes so that caretakers could create her artwork. She never
stopped painting and wrote on her website “After all, you don’t
paint with your hands, you paint with your heart.”

$20.00 entry fee includes a t-shirt
featuring original artwork by Peggy Chun. Entry
is October 1, 2010
and limited to 280 participants. For more information, call the
Muscular Dystrophy Association ALS Division 808-593-4454 or email
Audrey Hirayama at:

This trek is organized by Hawaii Ultra
Running Team (HURT) and MDA with a team of about 50 dedicated
volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to wear a creative costume to add
to the fun and bring a smile to Vi’s face. Race applications will
be sent to all past participants and will also be available at local
sporting event stores and online at

Prizes from Peggy Chun’s
Gallery will be awarded randomly to finishers.

About MDA ALS Division

MDA has led the fight against ALS for
more than 50 years. Vital health care programs such as
hospital-affiliated clinics and wheelchair purchases are funded
almost entirely by individual private contributors. For more
information about MDA's ALS Division, visit