Trailhead Directions and Info: A work in progress

Aloha Athletes,

Sean Price has taken the initiative and started what hopefully will become a valuable resource for new runners and visiting runners. 

He has started a document that will show the trailhead starting points and included a Google map link as well as other info about the run and trailhead. 

I've placed his document on the top left side under HURT Hot Topics.

Here is Sean's note:

"I've been noticing that when training notices are posted to the blog, we always get some new runners asking the standard "how to get there, where to park, what to expect" type questions. And this weekend when several different people asked me questions about starting at the bottom of long road for Peacock Flats, I realized we had a need for a centralized community doc to answer these questions. 

To that end, I created a "starter" Google Doc.

I was wondering if you could post a perma link to this on the blog sidebar so we can just start referring people to it. It's "read" access to anyone who has the link, but I put a note in the Doc that I will grant edit rights to anyone who wants to add to the doc. I want people to add to it since I'm too lazy to write up directions to all the training spots myself. Maybe we could even get some of those RD's to give directions to their own races. (Like the Firecracker race) πŸ™‚

— Sean"

This is a great idea Sean and one that others have asked for. Thanks for getting it started. 

Aloha, Bob

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  1. Thanks guys. This is a great idea. I just started running some of the runs you guys offer on the weekends and I was always asking that annoying questions “how do I get there”? With this new link, it should make it much easier for the newbies like myself to get there without taking anyones time. Thanks alot from all newbies πŸ™‚

  2. A single Google Earth overlay (.kml or .kmz) might also be a good thing.
    I have a bunch of routes and notes I could put together to demonstrate. (from It’s a pretty easy way to grad GPS data, mark it up with more details (where actual porta potties are, etc), and share (small, small file sizes, too).

  3. Good idea Art. I’ve granted you “edit” rights to the document so add whatever you think might be helpful.

  4. Thanks Sean for getting this going…everyone will appreciate your hard work! Now if you could only stay upright on the trail..;=)

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