Mango Madness Trail Race


Mango Madness Trail Run 

(A HURT Trail Series Run)

Saturday June 12, 2010,  7:00 AM Start

Water Tank Park @ Makiki Height Drive and Round Top Drive

$10 fee at Race Start (6:30 AM)



Marv here. 





Just about recovered from that vicious pig attack of last year’s ribbon setting venture. It was a hard recovery as some of my best friends left me for dead out there on the trails.  What do you say when you go down, your guts spilling out, and all your running buddies are more worried  about not stepping is what’s left of your life as it forms orange puddles in the mud than getting you to place where you can at least serve up a good smoothie? Pretty hard on the ego.  But I’m back and better than ever, and I’m going to get even!

A great race is planned for next Saturday.

Lots of food and drinks!

Lots of prizes.

Lots of fun and laughs.

A great trail.

A good challenge.

Something for every one no matter what your ability!

Come prepared to be tested!

Come ready to have fun!

Expect no surprises this year.  It will be the standard 10+ mile race.  Straight start and straight finish.  A timed event, where the fast people get all the prizes and the bums get  the refreshment table leftovers. It will be the typical race, run by clocks and made for quantifiable lists for counting the minutes of the morning down to the last few seconds.

But it will be a challenge none the less.  Come Prepared to be Tested!   

Directions:  H1 to Punahou (from the west) to Wilder (from east).  Punahou to Nehoa.

Left on Nehoa.  Nehoa to Makiki Street.  Right on Makiki Street.  Makiki Street to Makiki Heights Drive.  Left onto Makiki Heights Drive.  You are there.  (This is not difficult! No maps, no gps, no facebook needed.  (so don't ask.)

See you there!!   Marv