HURT Training Wind-Down

Well, we are almost within the 30 days to Race mark and approaching that period of time when many will be speaking of cool-down, wind-down, recoup, rest time, recovery, and a great many other descriptors of training avoidance. To celebrate this impending milestone a few runners will be heading out to do the Final 60 miler (Three HURT Loops) this Friday December 11th.  We will leave from upper Manoa Road, at 11:56 AM.  We intend to do heavy stashes at the appropriate places.  The goal is just shy of 7:30 loops.  The intent is to finish before noon on Saturday, so as not to lose the week-end.

Everyone is invited to join us for all or a portion of the last of the long training runs. Speedster or Pacer, the nights are less daunting when you see a few familiar faces out there on the dark damp trails. Come meet your favorite trail devils and personal failings in a relaxed triple. Shake their hands and get a good understanding of where they like to hide, and the tricks they use to trip you up, before that one last session when they morph into the race eating monsters they love to be.

Remember, there is absolutely no substitute for adequate training.   

Contact Rex, Cheryl, or Mikem for more information and coordination of stash.  Aloha,  Mikem