Monica’s 2010 Adventure: 30-100 Milers !

Hi Guys and Gals !

Yep, the heading is real…no mis-print…Monica Scholz is planning to break her own record for "most 100 mile finishes in a calendar year", starting with the HURT 100 on January 16-17, 2010 ! Her plan is "30" official 100 mile finishes, which will handily top her present record of 23, which was set back in 2001. Let's look at this…30 one hundred milers in 52 weeks…hmmmm???…that's MORE than one every-other week…plus, most of the 100 milers are held between May and October…so likely she will be running 100's several weekends in a row ! Yep, that sounds like Monica. I don't call her "the Ultimate Super Chick" for nothing ! 30…yep, thirty !

I guess the most remarkable thing to me is that she will be working a full-time job as an attorney, which means that much of the time she will fly to a race on Friday…do the race on Saturday/Sunday…finish in time on Sunday to fly back to Canada, and then be in court on Monday morning, ready for a trial…all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ! Monica is a truly amazing athlete !  All the best, sweetie ! All your HURT buddies are rooting you on.  Don