A Really Big PEACOCK mahalo !

Aloha !

Saturday was the 2nd Annual Peacock 54 mile HURT Trail Series Race and what a race it was ! Hopefully the results will be posted soon. As I'm rushing to get ready for a flight to the mainland in a few hours, I MUST thank the many people that worked so very hard to make this demanding 18 hour race a huge success. Where to start? But first, since I know there will be someone, or two, that I will forget to mention, I sincerely apologize. That being said, I'll start by thanking Rob Lahoe, who did an unbelievable job with the remote "intersection" aid station. Friends, he worked his okole off, and even took photos in his spare time. Yikes ! I'd better hurry ! Okay, mahalo to Leon, Pete. Ray Woo, David Carlsson, Leslie Klukas, Tom and Wah for their hard work at the aid stations, and to Fishman and Ernest for trail marking (and Fish's help everywhere on race day). I certainly had better not forget Larry's work getting our permit…yeah Larry.

Now it comes to Cheryl, Marian and Kat who not only bought the groceries, cooked all kinds of fantastic dishes, brought them out and then worked hours and hours helping the runners through trying times during the day and night. They were unbelievable ! Thank you so much girls. No HURT race would be complete without our HURT gurus John & PJ Salmonson, and of course, as always, they we right there with their sleeves rolled-up, right in the thick of things. Unless I forgot someone, we're down to my buddy Gordon Lau, who is Mr. Peacock 54 ! Without Gordon, there wouldn't be a Peacock 54 race, and it's due to his hard work that this race is the successful race it is. Thank you so much Gordon…and thanks to all of you who made this race such a fun event. Congratulations to all the runners. See you next year.  Don