On Saturday at 5:30AM, I'll be at the start line for the HURT TTT, flashlight in hand.  I'll also be at the start line for Sunday's Dick Evans Memorial Road Race, 112 Miles, another 5:30AM start.  I was planning on doing the bike race solo but during one of my 100 mile training rides I was recruited by Team Tradewind to be a domestic for one of their team girls.  So I'll be wearing the Team Tradewind Bike Club colors for the day.  On Monday (Labor Day), should I survive Sunday's bike race, I'll be at the Waikiki Rough Water Swim.  It's good that the start time for the swim is a late 9:00AM.  It will be a LABOR day Weekend for me and anyone else doing all three races.

Is anyone else doing all three races?  If so I'd like to get together for a group photo, preferably before the start of the HURT TTT.

By the way.  The HURT TTT is cheap compared to the other two races and has better food.


Ed Bugarin (808) 779-8613