A Busy Weekend of Running, Biking, and Swimming

There is a lot going on over the upcoming long weekend. Triple Trek, Dick Evans Bike Race, and the Waikiki Rough Water. I know there are a few crazy people doing all three. I will do those three activities: run, bike, swim, just not biking 112 miles or swimming 2.4 miles.

Christian Friis asked me if I could also mention an event going on out at Kualoa Ranch on Saturday.

"We are organizing a little trail race on Saturday at Kaaawa Valley, we
have the College Invite there, so to off-set cost we are organizing a
fun run at 4:00PM…college women run at 3:30 PM, Men at 4:45 PM….can
it be posted to the HURT Blog? or can you pass it on to friends?

Show up sign-up for $12…winner gets an entry to the XTERRA Worlds…"

If you want more info, contact Christian.

Have a safe and fun weekend whatever you are doing.