Saturday Training 8-22-09 “More Trek Loops”

Aloh Na Athletes !

Since we've got official Garmin confirmation that the Trek loops are only 8 miles after all, it's a perfect time to go out this Saturday and do "at least" two loops. I know for a fact that Cheryl, Ernest and Fish will be doing at least two, and if they're doing two, Muench will be doing two, and if Muench will be doing two so will…well, you get the picture. The trails should be rockin' ! 6:00 am start. Hawaii Nature Center. Be there !!!  Don

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  1. Oh no! Only 8 miles? Did you take a short cut in there somewhere? Guess I’d better add an additional 2 miles in there per loop, to make it right.
    Cheesh- we’ve been cheating everyone all along.3 lashes with a wet noodle!

  2. I looked at the Garmin profile, and somehow, the 10,003 ft. peak is missing! I’m sure that is where the 2 miles went. Check out the profile – it doesn’t show that monster peak we always crawl over on the back of Manoa Cliffs Trail. Bring crampons for Sat. run for certain.

  3. Who cares how far it is! It’s hard, it’s beautiful, so just enjoy and remember to chase the mammoth (or pig, which ever you prefer!)

  4. What a joke. We are all a lot slower than we are willing to admit. Its not how hard, or how high, its just how far. And it isn’t that far. Hardly farther than Maunawili, which makes sense to me given my times over those courses. I have to go with the 8.??. Time for me, at least, to stop kidding myself.

  5. It just “feels” like 8 miles to the Garmin, which gets a free ride around the loops on someone’s wrist or hanging out in a hip pack. Strap the Garmin to the outside bottom of your trail shoe and then check the reading. Make that Garmin feel pain, damn it! Another option is to have Rex take it on a loop attached to anywhere he applies Bag Balm, and that Garmin will swear the Triple Trek is really a 100K.
    Miss you guys (and gals),

  6. If you just eye-ball it on the map, you can see it looks at least as long as the road run around Tantalus, which is about 10.5 or so. I’ve done the road run with my GPS and on my bike with a computer, and the GPS comes up short every time, anywhere from .5-.75 miles. There is probably a lot more interference on the trails, so I’m sticking with 10 miles! GPS is nice for estimating, but let’s not be fooled that they are accurate on the trails.

  7. As aka bill noted in his comment on the original gps post, it has been wheeled forwards and backwards on the ground, over the ruts, under the canopy, through the mud, in the heat, at foot level and guess what they found…..8.4 +-.2. It is eight. Sorry gang there is no tooth fairy, and I don’t care what your mommy told you about how kissing the hurt will make the pain go away. Its all just bs. You are slow, and likely lazy, and you whine too much. If you want to run a good solid ten then do a HURT loop. Nobody will argue with that number. Anyway who cares. Most of us can not break 6:00, eight or ten miles, and that won’t change…garmin, gps or wheel. Slow is just slow.

  8. Missed that post about the course being measured by wheel. Guess you can’t argue with that, but it’s still the God-given right of all runners to keep on whining every inch of the way. We just got to whine more per mile now! As for being slow and lazy, if it was all about speed, we’d all be doing road races instead.

  9. In attempting to use a Garmin to measure both the HURT and TTT loops, it’s always come up short. However if one would check and listen to the warnings, the darn thing loses reception at certain points along both routes. This is especially true along Pauoa Flats into Paradise, as well as many a spot in Nuuanu/JAG, for the HURT loop. For TTT, it loses reception often along Mangoes, down along the Kalawahine and between that trail and the three-way along the switch backs! Another thing to consider is that the Garmin (and most hand held GPS devices) are not totally accurate in terms of mileage and points.
    I’m sticking with the 10+ miles for TTT and 20 for HURT!

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