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Vi’s Adventure Trek and Run Reminder

Hi Hurt gang!

Hey, it's 2 days for the app deadline for Vi's Adventure Trek and Run, and there are only a couple HURT runners signed up so far. I know you all forgot.

We can be a little soft on the deadline for HURT runners, if the apps are posted by the weekend- that way we can at least get the proper shirts ordered- they are pretty neat- a painting of former ALS patient Peggy Chun's, donated by her gallery. Here is the application.

Everyone is dressing whacky, to see how hard we can make Vi laugh.

Please send your apps in for this fun event, that is for such a worthy cause!

PJ and John (who have already sent in their apps) RD's for Vi's race.

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  1. PJ and John:
    Thanks for the heads up on this. I would love to do it but my daughter and I are going to support my wife as she does it. It is her first ever race and only the third time she has run a trail. I would suggest to everyone that if they can’t run it, a donation is a great idea!
    Joe G.

  2. PJ, John,
    Thanks for the reminder – just mailed forms for Sebastian and myself.

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