Saturday Training: 8-1-09 Maunawili Out and Back

For All of the Brave Souls Who Dare to Face Off With the Bad Ass Pigs:
This Saturday is the fifth race in the HURT Trail Series 09.  The Maunawili Out and Back is a 22-mile trail run that starts and ends at the Pali Lookout.  The race can be done solo or as a 2-person relay.  The hand-off point for the relay is at the Waimanalo turn-around.  All runners must register at the Pali Lookout prior to the start of the race.  This trail is hot and humid – carrying water is mandatory.  At least 40 ounces is recommended.

Race Details:

Show-up and Sign-up – entry fee is $10 each

Starts at the Pali Lookout at 7:00 a.m.

Arrive at the start no later than 6:30 (our
supreme parking tsar will direct you to park on the road leading up to the
parking lot – no bathrooms are available)

22-mile trail (out and back) through beautiful
forest in and out of valleys

Can be done as a 2-person relay (both team
members need to check in at the lookout)

Relay hand-off point is the Waimanalo end of the
trail (recommend handing off car keys at that point)

Carrying fluids is mandatory – 40 ounces minimum

Please be diligent about leaving no trace out
there – absolutely no littering!

The race start is staggered, based on gender and

For additional information, call Marian at
221-5171 or email

This News Bulletin Just Off of the Press:


BEWARE!!!  Use extreme caution when approaching this mama.  She is considered armed and dangerous.  Remember to keep your eyes peeled and your spidey senses full force.