Future Tour Champ Meets Lance Armstrong

Paul Hopwood sent this to me today. Very cool. Thanks Paul!

Here,s a short  inspirational video of a good friend of mine and his eight year old boy from Ca. whilst riding in the alps,(they,re over to follow the tour ) and crossed paths with Lance armstrong,who recorded it and put it on his blog . Maybe you could post it on the HURT site,as it,s pretty cool!

thanks Paul Hoppy.

While out training today, Liam and I met up with Lance Armstrong and rode with him over the Col de La Colombiere (what a day in the French Alps!)  I had been taking video for the last two days so I was taking a day off…Go figure.  Lance, however, was filming and posted a clip on the Livestrong website.  What a cool guy!!!  Allez Lance. http://www.livestrong.com/lance-armstrong/video/liamlivestrong-mp4/9b92cfee-9f90-4528-9e15-e722454f6151/ What an experience!!! 

Liam and I are thinking of ways that our blog could benefit kids in the pediatric Cancer Center in Orange County.

The Tour starts this Saturday.  Hope you guys can follow along!!!



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