Kettle Moraine–There is a Story Behind Each of These

We are all waiting to congratulate Rex in person on finishing his first 100 mile run this past weekend. These pictures will have to suffice for now. Of course we all know there is a lot more to tell than these five photos reveal. Hopefully Rex will provide a race report so we can get all the details. Bob and Judy, feel free to send your side of the story (and any additional photos) too.
IMGP0026 IMGP0032 IMGP0033 IMGP0034 IMGP0036

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  1. who won the sprint finish between Bob and Rex?! Looks like some elbows were flying down the stretch. Congrats, Rex! You da’ man. Good job, too, Bob, though descending Olomana’s Third Peak still eludes you… (:

  2. Looking Good Rex. Just like ole times! Congrats on the culmination of a whole lot of very hard training. (Keep that post race look and come on out for some mangos at the mangos!}

  3. I know what happened to that lip Rex. You were at a low point talking about something hurting, the time remaining, your stomach and Judy just smacked you in the kisser – BAM! Then you snapped to, and sprinted the last 98 miles:)
    Dude, very proud of you with this accomplishment – very proud indeed. I just couldn’t resist the image of Judy popping you in the mouth at mile 2. hehe

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