Senior HURT runners helping the next generation of trailrunners today

Today, a generous group of the senior HURT crew offered their services to the younger and youngest generation of trail runners.  Lesley and I went out for a walk on the trails to try to get the baby to come out, since Nathaniel is now officially one day overdue.  After seeing these guys, we felt confident in delivering the baby right on the trail.  We had Dr. Bill to do the delivery, Cheryl to help Matt do all the labor coaching correctly, Don to speedily run for help if we needed, and Mike to document the whole thing and write up a killer story about the delivery!  Alas, the baby did not come out on the trail in the end, however, but our little family is thankful for all the HURT support.  Can't wait to introduce you to the newest Stevens when he finally decides to roll out.  Nate and I plan on tearing up the father/son division in the HURT trail series in about 20 years… (:  (Lesley and Nate are not in this picture because they were taking the picture)

Matt and LesleyCopy of IMG_0256