almost new pair of size 9 Vasque shoes if anybody wants them

aloha HURT ohana,

I'm looking to unload these shoes on somebody for $ FREE.99.  I got them in December at a Portland REI garage sale for cheap.  (they were worn once)  I've worn them about 4 times, and everytime the right shoe gives my heel a blister and I can't seem to toughen up my feet to handle them. 

Other than that; I love this shoe.  Thick rubber toe box in the front is great for kicking roots and rocks when you are either pissed off or just having an off day on the trails (: 

If anybody wants them, just give me a call.  398-2830 cell.  I'm home all week on paternity leave (read: catching glassy surf at Point Panic while all you other schmucks have to work!)  Easisest way might be for you to drop by my apartment at the top of Ward Ave. and Prospect on slopes of Punchbowl. 

The shoes are just going to sit and go to waste unless somebody wants them.


PS: truth in advertising: they are actually women's shoes, but since most of the HURT women are tougher than us guys anyway, I wear women's shoes proudly!

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