Stock Overflow: Need Supplies for H.U.R.T. 100?


I stocked up for H.U.R.T. 100 this year and as many of you know I got injured and will not be running for awhile.  I also noticed today that I have a lot of stuff that will expire soon after H.U.R.T 100.  If you are interested I have:

50 Vanilla Bean GU, 40 Vanilla Orange Roctane GU, 8 Tri-Berry Nuun Tubes, 8 Margarita Flavored (3X Sodium) Clif Shot Bloks, 12 Strawberry Flavored Clif Shot Bloks, 16 Caffeinated Cherry Flavored Sport Beans, and 2 Succeed S- Caps Bottles.

I stocked up alot more, but this is how much I need to get rid of:)  I have to save some for when I run again:)  So, if you need some of what I have give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. Also, for those who care, I see the Orthopedic Surgeon at TAMC on Monday (FINALLY!!) it has been almost two full months of pain.  But, I am getting better slowly, I still can't run or hike much but I can walk better.  I was actually thinking of begging for my spot back at the H.U.R.T.  100;)  Although I would probably die after the first loop:)  Anyway my contact details are:

808-625-9692/808-371-2177 or

Jah Bless,

Devon Webb