Aloha All,

Thinking back on the many pieces that make up the HURT 100 race and all the hard work by so many, it makes me proud to be on the HURT team. After all, HURT stands for "Hawaiian Ultrarunning TEAM"…and we are a "TEAM". The HURT 100 race has come a long way since 2001, when it began. It's had some difficult moments along the way, and yet it's survived to be one of the top 100 mile races in the country, for three good reasons: John Salmonson, Jeff Huff and PJ Salmonson. These folks have put their heart and soul into the HURT 100….365 days a year. In my opinion, they don't get near the credit they deserve. Three other people come to mind, who tirelessly work every year for the HURT 100, with little recognition, are Bob McAllaster, on the HURT blog, Cheryl Loomis with goodie bags and Joel Jenkins with the medical side. Aid station captains Barbi McAllaster and Rex Vlcek both did an outstanding job, with a very difficult task. Yes, this is a TEAM, and there are many, many team members that need to be recognized, such as the HURT com, communications team, including Stan Jensen. I sincerely apologize if I left someone out. Trust me, you ARE all appreciated !

I'm proud to be on the HURT team. How about you?  Great job, everyone !  Don