Saturday Training 12-13-08 50 Miles of HURT

Aloha Athletes !

Well, the title of this Saturday's training "50 Miles of HURT" was certainly appropriate. Since I won't be there, I had to chuckle. But, with only 5 weeks from this Saturday until the conch shell blows, this will likely be your last big training run before the HURT 100. So, here's the scoop…be at the end of Manoa Rd. at 4:50 am for a prompt 5:00 am start and don't stop until you've done two 20 mile HURT loops, with a 10 mile reverse Trek loop sandwiched in between. The real fast guys will do this in 10+ hours, but us turtles will take closer to 15 hours…ooooh to be fast ! Cheryl will make sure that there's plenty of water at the Jackass stash spot, but make sure to bring everything you need, including lighting, as it will be dark some of the time. If you can't do the whole thing, just do what you can.  Hey, you are nearly there !  Have fun !  Don