Carl sends his regards

John, Cheryl and Mike:

Guess I don't get to say 'Aloha' any more.

I was hoping you guys would pass my sincere thanks along to the HURT gang for the past three years.  I only had addresses for you guys and I'm not sure how to post to the HURT blog.  I can only figure out how to comment on existing blog entries.

From my first 6-hr HURT loop "nature hike" with Bob McAllaster as guide/narrator, to my last loop with Paul Sibly shortly before I left, I've never enjoyed running as much as I did with all of you.  I recognize great camaraderie when I experience it, but I think it went beyond that with HURT. Christians call it fellowship.  I'm not a religious guy, so I can't say for sure, but I think it's probably an accurate description.

Things I'll miss: John and PJ's perfectly organized and extremely enjoyable events; Conan's wonderful Hawaiian history lessons and Peace Corp stories; Cheryl's infectious energy and enthusiasm; the good-natured ribbing between Gordon, Earnest and Fish; Murph and Huffer's sense of humor; Don's friendliness, and Paoa Flats.

Ok, I probably won't miss Paoa Flats, but I will genuinely miss every member of the HURT gang.  It was an honor and privilege knowing you all and enjoying the trails with you.  If any of you find yourselves in Germany (or anywhere in Europe, for that matter) please let me know and we'll share a trail together.


Carl.wooten at