One…More…Mile…Challenge Last Update

I have dropped out of the challenge.  After 20 days my stats are:

234 miles, 44,954 calories burned, and 59 hours 29 minutes ran.

The reason for my dropping out of the challenge was I woke up this morning with pain in my hamstring and knee.  I went to the doctor and they took an x-ray of my knee.  The results showed that my kneecap was a little out of place.  I am still able to run but need to take a couple days off.  I am still going to run HURT and am planning on a couple runs in December.  They gave me a knee brace to wear, some pain medicine and ibuprofen.  My doctor said that with a litlle rest I will be good to go with my race plans.  56 Days away from my ultimate goal.   Anyway thanks for the support and I will be back next year.

Jah Bless