Entrant Analysis of H.U.R.T. 100

H.U.R.T. 100 Runners,

I came across the following analysis
done by Gary Wang and thought you folks might enjoy it. His database is
real interesting to play with. Please read his post below and visit his
site Real Endurance


Jeff Huff


I have added a new feature on RealEndurance.com to analyze the race
Here are a few races that is coming up. The analysis lists the PRs for all
the entrants for all the distance,
and the number of race ran for each distance. The PRs for the race event and
race distance are also listed and can be viewed in a sorted order.
The list does not take into account on the year when PR is set, so it is not
a prediction on the race finishing order.

The analysis for following events are available. Good luck to those who are
racing. I will be checking the results from Kona next week.

    * John F. Kennedy 50 Mile
    * Ultraman Hawaii
    * Quad Dipsea
    * The North Face Endurance
    * OTHTC High Desert 50K
    * Bandera 100km 50km 25km
    * HURT Trail 100 Mile Endur
    * Umstead 100 Mile Enduranc
    * Western States 100m

As usual, any suggestion and comments are welcome.
If you are a race director and would like to include this information, just
send me the entrants list periodically and I can update the database.


Gary Wang