Vi’s Run is Lots of Fun

Most of the HURT Crowd was busy doing things, and there were only a few HURT runners in a large crowd of people who did run.  I was up on the hill, where I gave everyone a hard time…quite enjoyable.  My shots are mostly of the valley, sorry. for not getting more of the other stuff.  The Valley is just tremendous.  I’d love to run there sometime.  Various films have left sets behind.  There is an old hawaiian house group which I assume is a set, a dinasaur Temple, complete with painted blood, a dinasaur footprint.  Other strange things.  A heard of yearling cows.  Playful guys who were not impressed with me, but thought that Ed in his Iraqi head scarf was a real kick.  The monolith seemed authentic.  It may actually date to the pre-european era.   Here are some shots.   Much thanks to PJ and all the other race organizers.  Aloha,  MikeM.