Jackass Stash

Sometime on Friday Don Fallis got to thinking about the Jack-ass Stash, and he tells me he naturally thought of me.  Must be because I know so much about Nu’uanua Valley, or that I work there a lot, or that I one lived there, or that I do really well climbing up that trail.   I refuse to consider any other reason for his association.   Anyway, Don gave me a call, and I went over to the stash and checked it out.   I cleaned it up a bit, and left about 5 gallons of water there.  There are also about a half-dozen small bottles of Gatorade.  There is a bag of small bars and packets of things to eat.  I believe they are in lead lined foil containers so nothing seems to want to digest them–they await the desperate runner.    

The next person to go to restock should take along some towels to clean out the stash bin.  It is getting pretty muddy inside there. I was reminded of that trash bin on the deathstar where that thing lived and almost got that sniveler Luke.   A good wipe down would do wonders for the bin.   Also seeing as this IS The Season,  the old bin is hidden back about 15 yards at the base of banyon tree.  We could put additional water in that bin to handle what is going to be some increased traffic over the next months.  So any extra water can be carted back to that bin.

Reporting kind of live and badly eaten, at the Nu’uanu Stream Ford, this is Mikem, wishing you good training.