Monica and Phil make it to Pairadice

Sunday saw a small group including Monica and Phil  heading out from Manoa toward Jack-ass. 

Hpim0609I was a bit late and played catchup.  It was a beautiful day and I caught a few shots on the way out.  I added a few of the group on the way back.  Also in the set are some Hogback shots at sunset. 

It was good to visit with Monica and Phil when they were not in a race.  I saw them a few times last year but it was always a few minutes along some path that we were pushing and somebody was moving on,  or at an aid station and we were pushing food into our mouths.   Good to do an easy over and back (if there ever is one of them)

Fish and I were out last night, he was late, and I managed to get the Hogsback shots before he caught me.  The rest was all push and stumble.  Enjoy.  Mike m