A Blow-out in the Mud-out. A Hawaiian god Returns.

‘Disgustingly Phenomenal’ is what I was mumbling repeatedly to the guys in the lead of yesterday’s Peacock 54.  To give you an idea of how phenomenal I am talking about, just so you don’t think I’m misusing the word—I had taken a few yard slide along the ridge trail and was washing the mud off my gear and ass at the stash, and  @  11:23 into the race  Ben Cavasos slowed to ask me if I was OK. He was on his way down the Kealia Trail at the end of his second loop. Ben finished the race in 12:02, which is beyond comprehension. I mean you cannot imagine that, and I’m not applying some superlative bs. I mean you cannot even think yourself along that trail twice in twelve hours!  That Ben did it in conditions like those existing yesterday is stunning.  And once again, I mean fall down, get dumb, and drool –STUNNING. Beyond comprehension.  You don’t know what Ben did.  You never will.  And to make this whole race totally out of the realm of anything that has ever occurred here in HURT Hawaii history is that Huddy, Jeff Huff, Maricio, Larry and Gordon ( I believe in that order—I was hurtin a bit when it when down so I’m lucky if I remember the names let alone the order)  were not that far behind.  All under 13, I believe.  Not to be outdone Marian cut her PR by two hours or some such number that seems a misprint, and Brenda came in under 16:30.

Everyone who completed the Peacock 54, and most people did, went way beyond their normal level of physical experience and training.   The entire race would have been the best race we have ever seen here by Hawaii’s own, but the conditions make it one to be talked about for decades.  When somebody tells you they ran in the ’08 Peacock 54, that  they finished, stop and listen to the tale.  They did something that will one day be a part of Hawaiian Myth and Legend.  Move over Maui, Ben is back!  

To everyone who ran, who went out there and tried yesterday.  Congratulations.  It was one for the memories!  A mildly sore Aloha,   Mikem.