Saturday Training 8-23-08 “Trek Loops”

Aloha Athletes !

With the Tantalus Triple Trek almost upon us (Saturday August 30) it’s time to get in some time on the Triple Trek course. Any ultrarunner worth his or her salt is already in great physical shape and will only be using this refresher run to get familiar with a few of the roots and rocks we’ve missed seeing over the past few months. So, plan to be at the Hawaii Nature Center, this Saturday, outside the bathrooms next to the bridge, at 5:50 am, ready for a  prompt 6:00 am start. Do as few or as many of the 10 mile Trek loops as you feel like, saving enough in the tank for next week Saturday’s race. Speaking of the race, the start time is 5:30 am and the cost is a measly $10. You will want to get there between 4:45 and 5:00 am to check in.

For both this Saturday’s training run and for next week Saturday’s race…with limited parking, and also a greater chance of break-ins at the parking lot just below the Nature Center, I’d suggest getting there a few minutes earlier and parking further down below at the pumping station and walking up the road. With plenty of water at the Nature Center, you need only to bring your electrolytes, drinks and gels, etc. There will be a separate post for the race, which will give details for it.

I’ll be out of commission for several weeks and will really miss seeing all of you. Aloha !  Don