Maunawili Out and Back Mahalo Marian & Neal

Aloha Athletes !

If you were not among the 70 or so lucky runners last Saturday at the Maunawili Out and Back HURT Trail Series race, my condolences. It was just TOO MUCH FUN !! When you have co-race directors Marian and Neal Yasuda at the helm, everything is just perfect ! For starters, Marian used one of the favors she had received from Mother Nature, from the Western States cancellation, and the weather and the trail conditions couldn’t have been better. Surprisingly, it was neither all that hot or that humid…just right ! Not surprisingly, as we all are becoming spoiled by the food that Marian prepares for any event she is involved in, the food was fabulous ! Several other guest chefs were involved, including Rex and Cheryl (I apologize for not knowing the others…sorry guys). I must have gained 5 pounds.

In keeping with the fun "pig theme" Marian & Neal gave all the runners pink wrist bands with the wording "Pigs Rule, Runners Drool", but the highlight for me personally was when Marian brought out three, cute, good-sized, fluffy "Pig" hand puppets for each of the starters: men, women and relay, to run with. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this unique race, it’s handicapped by age and gender and has a staggered start, with the oldest woman starting first…then the oldest man, etc. When the runner in the lead with the pig is caught by another runner…the pig goes to the new runner. Whoever crosses the finish with the pig, wins ! You can’t imagine how fast you will run if you ever get the pig ! You just don’t want to give it up. It’s a hoot !

As always, Neal did a fantastic job at the Waimanalo turnaround point, not only checking the runners in, and marking the course, but also having super runner’s food and grog. Both he and Marian are not only wonderful people but have become pros at putting on races. We are so lucky to have them. Not only do their races all run like a fine oiled machine, they are A BLAST !!

To Marian & Neal: Thank you so much for putting in such hard work and creative thought, to make a race so special for all of us !! We love you !      Don