Speedgoat Karl’s Hardrock plus Badwater Odd’s

Past H.U.R.T. 100 winner Karl Meltzer has posted his Hardrock 100 Winner’s odd’s here. Karl has gotten into the habit of posting these prior to any of the big races. He’s pretty good at this and it makes entertaining reading. Be sure to read all the comments. They are fun too and also provide a bit more learning and answers the question; where’s Scott?

Maui’s Paul Hopwood gets a mention by Karl!! Way cool!!!

On the Badwater odd’s, Karl has given David Goggins 5-1 odds. I sure wouldn’t bet against David. He’s one tough warrior as many of us H.U.R.T. runners know! On the women’s side, he has Monica Scholz at 3:1. Go Monica! We’ll be pulling for you.

Karl has won Hardrock, Wasatch and several other very tough mountain 100’s. He holds the record of six 100-mile wins in a calendar year.

He starts his latest big adventure on August 5 going for a record running of the entire Appalachian Trail. You can follow along here.
Good luck Karl!!
I am no odds maker but…