Haiku Valley Cultural Preserve in Jeopardy

FYI…This is not normal running or trail info however some of us have been involved in the Haiku Stairs group for sometime.

This is from a supporter of the Haiku Valley Cultural Preserve:

just learned this evening H.B. 2704, the Ha`iku Valley Cultural
Preserve Bill, is on a list of potential vetoes by the Governor.  We
are stunned!  The Lingle administration’s various departments, DLNR,
DHHL, and DOT, as well as OHA, all testified in support of the bill.
All of the administration’s requests for amendments to make the measure
more acceptable were accommodated.  It is extremely puzzling as to why
the Governor would put so much effort into the North Shore effort and
consider vetoing this small, community-based initiative.  We fought so
long and hard to preserve the historic sites in Ha`iku Valley and
restore community access to the area – and it is troubling to think
that we may be facing a setback like this.


are asking everyone to call, email and especially, write the governor
and urge her to sign H.B. 2704, Relating to Haiku Valley, into law. If
you belong to an organization, letters from organizations on
letterheads would also be very helpful.  Let’s show the Governor that
many many people think Haiku Valley is worth saving. Here is the
contact info:

Phone:  586-0034
Email:  governor.lingle@hawaii.gov

Mailing address:
The Hon. Linda Lingle
Governor, State of Hawaii
Executive Chambers
State Capitol
Honolulu, HI 96813

Mahalo for any kokua you folks can give us."