Runners and Races on the Mainland

Hawaii runners have been running in races on the mainland lately. Let’s see, first there was Joel Jenkins and gang up at Umstead where Joel bagged his first 100. I have confirmation that Jeff Huff participated in a race near San Francisco called Diablo. Bob Murphy finished third at the MacNaughton 100 mile race under cold, wet, and muddy conditions. Did you know Mauricio Puerto ran Coyote Two Moons?

A couple of other notes: David Goggins won the MacNaughton 150 mile race. HURT 100 runner Charlotte Vasarhelyi was the first woman and 5th overall at the MacNaughton 150.

Mauricio has promised me some photos and brief race report. How about the rest of you?

Send in those race reports and photos!!

Aloha, Bob

Recognize this guy??