Saturday Training: 3-8-08

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday will mark the last organized training run for Run to the Sun. We will look at the day as a taper day. Also on Saturday I’ve heard a few people will be at the Ft. DeRussey Biathlon. Finally, there is a group going up to Peacock on Sunday. I would imagine that group includes runners training for Miwok and Western States. If you are interested in joining in Sunday, contact Cheryl for details.

Saturday Training:
Let’s meet at the entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, in Kaneohe,
at 6:00 am  Please keep it quiet in this neighborhood. We will do the fun route which
takes us thru the Garden, out on the road and then up Old Pali Road,
under Pali Highway and up to Pali Lookout. Let’s plan on doing one of
these (each round trip is 9.6 miles), unless your training is hardcore and you want to do more.