Saturday Training 3-15-08

Aloha Athletes !

Well, if you are not going to be in Maui this Saturday for Run to the Sun, I feel sorry for you. As a matter of fact I feel sorry for me, as I will be missing this great event for the first time in 9 years. Three other unfortunates, Marian Yasuda, Steve Dewald and Gil Loomis felt sorry for me and are letting me tag along with them for a portion of their Saturday Training. They will be starting at Gil’s house (yes, it’s Cheryl’s house too) in Enchanted Lake at 6 am, heading on the road to the Waimanalo side of Maunawili Trail, up to Pali Lookout (where I will be meeting them at 9:30 am), then down via Old Pali Rd. to Jackass Ginger…over to the Nature Center at around noon and returning the same route in the opposite direction (I’ll drop out at Pali Lookout). How many miles is the whole thing? I don’t think anybody knows for sure, but it’s a lot ! My lil’ section is around 17 miles, give or take. Theirs? Must be 45-47.

Anyway, since there will be only a limited amount of stash, please e-mail me at if you want to do all or any part, as I’ll serve as the stash coordinator. If you just "show-up" please arrange your own stash in advance.