Saturday Training 2-16-08 Haleakala Training #3

Aloha Athletes !

With most of our "regulars" doing a Friday night run, our remaining tiny group will do something different this Saturday. Let’s meet at the entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden, in Kaneohe, at 6:30 am (no typo…that is 6:30 am). We will do the fun route which takes us thru the Garden, out on the road and then up Old Pali Road, under Pali Highway and up to Pali Lookout. Let’s plan on doing two of these (each round trip is 9.6 miles), unless your training has you ready for three.

If you need directions or info, or have questions, please contact me at or 247-4144  Don

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  1. Hi Marc,
    Wow ! Some of the runners are still nursing injuries from HURT8 and you are asking for HURT9 apps. Whoa big fella…be patient…ha, ha. John and Jeff will have them out asap. Just keep tuned to the HURT blog. In the mean time, you can do Run to the Sun. Apps are out for it !

  2. Marc and Don, I just want to let Marc know the applications will probably not be out ASAP as I am not sure Jeff and John have even decided the process to be used in 2009. Last year the applications were made available in June and I would expect something similar this year. As Don recommends–stay tuned here for more details. Aloha, Bob

  3. Hey Guys, just wanted to make my travel plans early 🙂 I got the 100 bug back!! And was told by Catra C. that H.U.R.T is the ONE!!
    Thanks for responding.
    Aloha, Marc

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