Saturday Training 1-12-08

Aloha Athletes !

Years ago on Monday night football, when the game was hopeless, Don Meredith would sing with his Southern drawl, "Turn out the lights, the party’s over". Well friends, if you’re not ready by now to run the HURT 100, you might as well sing the same song. But, I know that ALL of you have been training very hard and are very ready for the race, so we have a relaxed, pre-race fun-run/potluck planned. So, let’s meet at the entrance to the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden at 8:00 am (no typo) with the plan to run, walk, stroll until 10:00 am when the potluck will begin at the equestrian area at the back-side of the Garden. Family and friends welcome (sorry, no pets allowed). See you there !