H.U.R.T. 100 Update #3 (1/6/08)


Thank you for the time, effort and money that you all have put into the running of H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Trail Run. To make your final preparations easier we wanted to get out this final update.


Remember to pack warm clothes (including rain gear) as it can get cool during the evening out on the course. We have experienced quite a bit of rain so expect an extremely muddy course. Your feet will get wet and stay wet. We are leaving it up to Bob at Nuuanu to determine if a rope goes up across the river. Chances are very good that there will not be a rope across the river. If you will not make it to the race please let PJ hurtpals@aol.com know ASAP (if you haven’t already done so).


We are in need of volunteers to help mark the course with surveyor tape prior to the run, and to also remove the same tape after the run. Don Fallis directs the course marking/removal and he can be reached at expo@hawaii.rr.com . Please e-mail him directly for details or if you would like to participate.

Pre Race meeting:

The meeting is mandatory. There are a couple of new rules that will be enforced this year. Do not jeopardize your run by not adhering to the rules (recall you are also responsible for the actions of your crew). There is no weigh in this year; however a scale will be made available. Identification bands will not be distributed; your only means of identification is your race number. You might want to bring a chair for the meeting. We will keep this meeting very short.

Drop Bags:

They will get wet and muddy, use appropriate material and pack accordingly. Do not bring them to the pre race meeting; instead bring them the morning of the event (Saturday) for delivery to the aid stations. If you drop from the race or if you have a crew please remove your bags from the aid stations. Bags will be returned to the start / finish area after each station has closed. Please pick up your bags at that time. Any bags left at the race unclaimed will be disposed of.

The Race:

Start time is 6 a.m. You must check in Saturday morning so we know who is out on the course. The course is on a multi use trail system. We do not have exclusive rights to the trail. Please be courteous in all your exchanges with casual hikers. Although the course will be marked with surveyor ribbon, it is the runner’s responsiblity to find the route. A map has been placed in your runner bag. You are encouraged to carry it with you, as surveyor ribbon has been known to disappear throughout the course of the event. A safety whistle has also been placed in your runner back, please carry the whistle with you but use only in case of an emergency.

Dropping Out Of The Race:

With the field we have, we expect @ 40 finisher’s. Therefore @ 60 of you will be dropping out. You must inform the aid station captain of your intent to drop out. In the past we have had to scramble search and rescue for runner’s who simply walked off the course and returned to their hotel room. Please don’t do this, recall we are tracking you from aid station to aid station. If you do decide to drop out an "X" will be placed through your number and you will not be allowed to continue.

Runner Updates:

Please have friends and families make use of the runner updates. The amount of hits to the site will help determine if this service will be provided in future H.U.R.T. 100 events. We encourage you to e-mail all your interested family and friends the site link  http://aditl.com/hurt/.

Aid Stations:

There are three on the course. Each of the stations are left to their own devices of what to make available to you (food wise). All stations will have Succeed Ultra, Water, and Soda, and real food. They will not have Gel’s or extra batteries.

Parking- (Pre Event and During)

Parking is tight. Recall crews are not allowed to go to Paradise Park on the first loop. In addition there will be a $5 fee for parking (each time) if utilizing the Paradise Park parking lot on subsequent loops.  An option to not paying is parking down in the neighborhood and walking up to the station (second loop and after). Please park before the road narrows and becomes windy. Also we have neighborhood boards we need to answer to following these events, to that end please be respectful of their property and to the noise levels. In addition, on race morning Do Not Drive Up To The Nature Center. Park below the gates and carry up your drop bags. The only vehicles allowed beyond the gate are those vehicles directly supporting the aid stations. We need to keep this roadway open to get race supplies in and out so our aid station folks can get prepared for you.


May begin any time after 5 p.m., but must start at a designated aid station and must leave with their runner. Only 1 pacer per runner allowed.

Post Race Dinner:

We will once again have a non hosted post race banquet at the Willows Restaurant on 901 Hausten Street in Honolulu on Monday the 21st (Start time @5:00 or 5:30 p.m.). The banquet in years past has been quite an event, always filling to capacity. The cost for the buffet is $43.00 per person (liquor charged / drink) which is a slight increase from last year. We have been assured that more food items have been added to the buffet.

Final Thanks:

Putting a race of this magnitude on requires unlimited man hours from a lot of volunteers. We hope that during your journey you take the time to thank those who are giving their time to help make your dreams become reality.

Runner’s start your engines………………


Jeff & John